Naz hates Jews, I hate anyone who Kills d innocent.

While naz is blabbing on, on how she hates jews. I'm mourning over the fact that there aren't any protests in my country.

As usual, there isn't anything called "freedom of speech" in the country that i reside in. Doesn't matter though because even if there is, people here aren't aware of what's happening or should i say they can't be bothered.

Half of the population partied their asses off yesterday, ignorant to the bombs that are still being launched in gaza, killing hundreds after hundreds.

I'm sick of this world.

When will people change?

Oh Mankind, embrace the truth for the day of judgement is here to come soon. The second coming of Christ and the coming of Mahdi shall be here to come any moment. There is no time to wait.

Leave your blanket of ignorance and witness reality.

A'qilah Saiere

First Blogging Via Mobile Phone

This post is uploaded via my handphone. Cool and I love it! :D

I'm in midvalley waiting for countdown. My feeling is so nervous as i dont know what will happen when my 2008 is going to leave me. Sob.. Whatever it is, i'll enjoy every moment of now and then. At the same time, i'm blogging lively from here.

Wishing you a happy new year!

The Ending Of My 2008 Chapter

How I hope I can stop the time...
How I wish I can stay here forever...
How I want my 2008 to last longer....

It is New Year eve now. It means there will be only a few hours left before 2008 leaves us. There is a kind of complicated feeling deep inside my heart - happy as I am going to create another new chapter in my life but sad to end my current chapter.


Honestly, I love my life in 2008 and it has been a really excellence year for both me and my blog. Yes. I am seriously loving my 2008 year. There have been lot of ups and downs which have added life into my canvas - beautiful yet touching art.

In case you might be wondering if there is any difference between my Curryegg's blog and my real self. Seriously, there isn't any big difference because whatever I feel, think and behave in real life are being shared here, using words, photos, music and video clips. The only different thing is my blog is more popular compare to my real self. Sob.. that's is saddening.

I was not a very socialize person before this as I was more into introvert type. Well, not now anymore. Ever since I've stepped into the life of university as well as the blogosphere, my life is different now. I start making new friends, enjoying my life and share my experience in the media.

Oh my. That is so fun!

Talking about people and media, I have come across with many people who know my blog more than myself. I guess my blog have a beautiful header? Or should I say the name which I am using right now in blogosphere is eye-catching and people would rather remember the name Curryegg rather than Kelly - I guess Kelly is too common?


Whatever it is, I am going to enjoy my New Year eve as much as I can.
This is the time for me to refresh back whatever I had done through out the whole year. At the same time, I should start planning for my coming 2009 - make a complete to-do-list?

How about you? Any plan you are going to make?


What A Strange Name For Restaurant

I had been to a restaurant, somewhere in Kuala Lumpur and my family and I had come across with this Unique Seafood Restaurant. I didn't realize any weird thing until Ary showed this to me:

If you know how to read Chinese, you will notice something weird here.

奇怪 - weird
海鲜 - seafood.

So when you combine the Chinese words, it will be 奇怪海鲜 - Weird Seafood.

I wonder did they purposely choose the names - both Chinese and English or is there an error? And you are asking about my experience while dinning in the restaurant?

Emmm... weird~~~


Holiday Is Going To End

"Curryegg, where are you lately? You seem to be busy and rarely update your blog"

That is one of the respond I received from my readers. First of all, thank for keep on checking out my blog no matter how infrequent my blog post might be. Of course, I have good reason for this.

Ever since the first day of my semester break, I am packed with tight schedule starting from meeting my long-lost-friends, dating, traveling, activities, lazying and etc. Seriously, I love my holiday so much that I don't want it to end so soon.

Unfortunately, today is my last day of my holiday and it is time for me to let go of my "fun" time. I'm going to have my first class tomorrow!!!


Can I just stop my time and enjoy another few more months? Lol.. this is too much I guess. Whatever it is, there is always another semester break and I shall organize my holiday even better than this one.

At the same time, I shall announce that Curryegg might not be as active as this month when it comes to blogging, traveling and lazying. Sobb..... Wait, who knows I might even blog more compare to now? Haha.. God knows the best.

No matter how, I will keep on enjoying my 2008 as far as I can since there only 2 days left. Yes I will and I am enjoying my days with my lovely sisters. So far, we had the most craziest time ever and I shall share with you in my coming post.

I just love my life in 2008 so much.
How about you?


free free palestine
i cant beleive the events that took place today
are indescribable and hideous and to know and feel the shame that ARABS and MUSLIMS
all over the world are doing NOTHING about the suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters
id like to tell everyone
to PLEASE look out for any demonstrations or charities for palestine working in your area
tonight in the uk £80,000 was raised in the UK and in LONDON tommorow infront of the israeli embassy will be a demonstration i URGE all muslims to attend inshallah

Je amour Paris!!

hi again
i told you guys ill finally start contributing
remember in my last post i told you this computer has something against this website?
well it wont let me put the picture up properly so i just gave you the link lol
i am at paris for 2 days the reason we came here was to see my grandad on a transit in france from america on his way to somalia
only his flight has been cancelled and we are here with a whole load of cousins that were hoping to seen grandpa for the first time (ive seen him before though :D) but now our only choice is to go see the eiffel tower (which is awesome and ive seen today) and do some serious french shopping
as well as Avoiding all restaurants at all times (i don't trust french food) but looking cool in the coffee shops
*sighs* i love france
ohyeah i am making a point of wearing the headscarf inside the bank and saying i dont speak french :)

nazzy wazzy

Happy Holidays ?

salaamz guys
i know i havent blogged for a while and there are 2 reasons for that though i dont know if they are "good" reasons i guess you will have to decide that for yourselves
whoever "you" are, lol anyways
the first being
1) my computer seems to have something against this website
2) and the second being i am on my LONG AWAITED 2008 christmas holidays and im valuing the amazing feeling of doing absolutly nothing
and since its cold and rainy in my part of the world rainyland aka england where it rains 200 days a year no advantage given to the capital
i invited a whole load of my cousins and friends for a week long "sleepover" with food fizzy drinks and movies
its really THAT cold but i mean seriously im going to miss the luxury of waking up a quarter to 2 in the "morning" and having my "breakfast" inplace of lunch and lunch in place of dinner
this is THE life
lol i shoudnt be saying this since i convinced myself i want to be an independent career woman who makes a difference etc etc
and not a random stay at home
but i mean staying at home does have its perks :P
until next time
nazzy wazzy says
salaamu aleikum :D

I'm So Jealous Of Her

I might sound a bit bitchy here but who don't when your best friend is more attractive and talented than you? She seemed to grab all the attention from the people. While me?
Emmm.. just an egg.


I'm so jealous of her!!!
I'm so jealous of her!!!
I'm so jealous of her!!!

Oh my.
Why am I so over reacting?

I'm just joking and I'm not jealous of her. Instead, I admire! Yeah. I really really really admire her so so much and dear, hope you don't mind as I take you as my topic today.

*I know I'm going to get her call after this*
*smack myself for being so bad*

P/s: Sorry ya, May. But seriously, I really wish to write something about you.

If you still remember, May, my best friend who has been appearing in my blog for quite several of times, she is the girl who I mean earlier...

May May

Isn't she incredibly hot?
I thought I am the one who should be hot and spicy? Curryegg ma...

Lolx.... XD

At the same time, she can be perfectly sweet and lovely.

Besides her natural beauty, she is a good cook too. She can cook pasta, cawanmishu, cheesecake, Chinese soup and.. and.. more! While me? mee maggie, goreng telur, sandwiches, peanut butter. Sigh...

Pasta which she made for me!!!

Ok la. I am not that bad actually. I can make soup, fried fishes, water egg, fried vegetable, curry chicken, and anything a mother will cook. Don't believe me? Well, I shall prove it one day.. :P

By the way, she can be as nerdy as me. HAhahahaha..
I love this photo a lot!


P/s: Anyone interested in her? Contact me.

I'm going to be in big trouble.. :P

How Long Will You Sleep?

My oh my....

I have been trying to poke at my cousins' cheeks but till now, I don't receive any respond from them. I guess, they are too deeply in sleep - dreaming something they love. Wait, or should I claim myself as the weird one for waking up so early when we slept at 3 am yesterday?



Right now, I am wondering how many hours will my readers take for a sleep? Averagely?
Well as for me, I can sleep from 4-10 hours. Muahahahaa....

Wait, should I join them and continue my sleep again?

Christmas Decoration!

If you still remember, in my previous posts, I did mention that I love observing Christmas decoration. I don't know why but love it... :)

So few days ago, I managed to visit 1 Utama, The Curve and Ikano. Oh my. I love the decoration in these malls. They are beautiful. I did blog about Ikano before, so there will be just 1 Utama and The Curve photos.. :D

One Utama

I personally love Christmas decoration here. It is like Alice in the Wonderland theme. And the Christmas trees on the stage look like icing tree.. Ahhww..

How wonderful.. ^^

The Curve.

On the other hand, Christmas decoration in The Curve looks more like a fairyland to me. You can spot pixies every corner.

Some are blue..

Some are red..

There is a spinning Christmas tree as well.
How creative!

Oh my.
I secretly love this design. A giraffe?

I love Christmas!


Oh ya.
Before ending this post, there is something I want to add on. Still remember my previous post on Pavilion Christmas tree? I remember how I didn't seem to enjoy the design. I guess, I'm half correct, and half wrong.


Because I didn't know the unique tree will look gorgeous during night time. Come. Let me prove it.



So what do you think?

Merry Merry Merry Christmas!

No Chen Shui Bian, Yes Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan

This is my first morning, wake up without hearing any news about Chen Shui Bian and I am totally shock!

Ever since I am having my semester holiday, the name of 'Chen Shui Bian' has been monopolizing Taiwan's headline and there is no chance one will miss it.

I guess, Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan have saved the Christmas eve and become the main headline in time. In case you might be curious, it is my dad who watches Taiwan news every morning in Astro. That's why I am drawn to the Taiwan news as well.

While am dreaming on my bed this early morning, half sleep, half awake, all I could here was the Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan. Worse, they even appeared in my dream. Wua la... I guess I shall thank to the Internet for allowing me to browse the news yesterday night right at a click which allowed me to dream of them after hearing upon news.

Ahhhhhwwww..... Now I wish to have a panda...
Can I get one tonight, Santa?

P/S: Tuan Yuan in Chinese mean united. It is a great gift to Taiwan who has been waiting them for... 3.5 years? haha...

Merry Christmas!

Malaysia? Oh well...

Saaalaaams all :) Oh well, Nazzy has been pressing me for a post so yeah here I am :) Apparently I'm back from my 4 days 3 nights Holiday in KL and Perak, Malaysia. Hmm Oh well. it was alright, Alhamdulillah. I must say that Malaysia's a really rich land in terms of resources and land. Mash'Allah it's rich in Palm Oil and Plantation :D

Lols, I don't usually praise Malaysia that much (Don't blame me, i'm singaporean. The same way a Somalian won't ever praise Ethopia. LOLS)
But I must say I've never really appreciated this country that much, probably due to my stereotypical way of thinking that this country sucks despite the flipping fact that I drop by every year. LOLS.

It really is something, it's beautiful. The land's full of greenery and all, basically the thins you won't really get here in Singapore.

I caught the Sunrise when we left for breakfast at Syuruk (6.45am) at Perak. It was simply breathtaking to watch the Sunrise looming over a vast lake with Islands surrounding it and all you have to do is stand by the jetty and wait for the sun to rise.
I don't really get to do that here in Sing.
The best thing was having breakfast by the lake. WOW, seriously, one of the only few reasons I'd go back there :)

The journey from Singapore to Perak was 10 hrs. Astaghfirullah, it was back-paining. lmao. seriously, it was. But Alhamdulillah, I managed to catch a few winks of sleep while i spent the rest of the time staring into the jungles by the highway hehehe :p
I did a lot of THINKING as usual,what do you expect I'm an overthinker. Lols.

So yeah,it was good to see greenery once in a while. It seems that i made a new friend there. Lols. I met this middle-aged chinese guy in Perak. He initiated the conversation and I was being my friendly self. He started the Perak and all and started switching channels from Malay to English. He stopped to say "Wow, your English is Good, are you from KL?" LOLS.
And when I told him I was a Singaporean, HE was more than amazed. Lols.
I must say that Malaysian Chinese really do have a lot of respect for Singapore.

I must say that despite my despise towards Malaysia and their governmental policy called the Bumi Putra Policy (one that gives Malays priority) I want to see this country grow and move towards being as successful as my country because it's a Muslim Nation and I don't want to see another Muslim Nation living in an oppressed state. For I saw hundreds living in squatters and slumbers still and it's not pleasing at all.

Insy'Allah that country as well as Indonesia will grow out of it's shell and be more prosperous than it is.

then Again, i love Singapore... Oh well :p

Ok I'm off, gotta sleep early. gng for a movie tmr heheheh :)

P.S Nazzy Wazzy me misses ya :p

-A'qilah Saiere.-

So In Love With Twilight

Ever since I watched Twilight with Eric, all of the sudden I wish to have a boyfriend who is a vampire. I mean, just for fantasy of course - not real one.


Unexpectedly, Twilight has won my heart and I love this movie a lot. Whenever I close my eyes, I will think of the couple - Isabella and Edward Cullen. Oh my. Guess what, both of the actor and actress are really a perfect match. Charming and gorgeous.


Now, I wonder if there is real Vampire or Dracula on earth?

There are news on discovering real vampire in the Europe countries and I wonder are they real? I remember I came across with a documentary in Discovery Channel a month ago and there are people who drink blood as their energy supply. Their faces are pale and they have the long sharp teeth, just like a Dracula.


Whatever it is, I am so in love with this movie!

It Is Time To Wake Up

It is time for me to wake up from my long deep sleep.

I have been living in my fantasy for quite some times and I know I should wake up and move on. Time flies and I have to carry on with my life.

I'm not wasting my time for sure. I'm just doing something which I love. Something which I can never do them in my ordinary day. Never ever.

# Photos are grabbed from William's Blog.
Thank you.. :)

Sometimes, I hope not to awake from this dream - a dream which is so sweet and wonderful. But I know, if I allow myself too long in this dream, I will never be able to get up and achieve the destination which I have always wanted to reach.

Dream is dream,
Life is life.

How I hope I can connect my dream with my real life, so that I'm always in my happiest moment. Hey! Wait a minute.. why not?

We make dream, and leave with it. It is depends on whether we want to achieve it or not. How desperate we want to get it. Oh my, how can I miss a this? Silly me.

I'm not going to leave my dream aside just because of who I am right now. Yes, I am an ordinary girl, but I have an extra-ordinary mind and attitude. That's make my life unique. Yes. I'm right!

So girl, stay there and keep on creating your dream. There is no harm living in fantasy - as long as you are clear with what you want in your life.

Go go Curryegg!
I know you can do this.

There is no sky too high, nor ocean too deep - if you have the unbeatable spirit and strong motivation to move on, you can do this!

The Very First Album Of Mine

The very first album of mine?
Lol.. it sounds like I'm doing sound recording here. hahaha...

Don't be shocked by my title. I am not releasing any singing album nor MTV album. Haha.. It is just a photo album of mine. Got cha!!!


If you still remember, I did mention about my very first photography session with Eric and his gangs. It was such a wonderful moment and I enjoyed it a lot.. Yeah.

"I Really enjoyed the time a lot as May and I knew nothing about the total of 10 photographers lor...."


Why oh why Mr Lo never told me earlier. May and I were shaking while walking to the group of professional photographers in the garden. It is a big number for both of us. that was our first session plus we never met them before... isk.. isk.. isk.. Mentah-mentah la bully people..


From Eric Lo in his Curryegg's Album.
(What a funny nickname for his album.. hehehehe...)

Photos from:
Looking for a good photographer? Get Eric in his website.
(Lol.. Eric, are you going to treat me for advertising you here? hahaha... joking..)


So, what do you think? Do I look like an egg here? Haha.. I purposely wear something yellow. Thank May for the idea..


I might not be a good model, but I enjoyed being a model. Why? Haha.. Firstly, I can get free professional photos. Secondly, I can make new friends. Thirdly, I can get good service from the photographers - they carried my bags and water bottle through out the whole photography session. Seriously, I felt so paisheh... But then, I really appreciate their helps and photography spirit a lot.

Thank all the brothers and sister.... :)
You guys are so friendly and hope to meet you again.

I shall wait for other's work. Oh my. I can't wait..