Its hard being a parent.

i was thinking yesterday, and today it must be hard being a parent, or its hard being a good parent , maybe if you want to be a crap one its all cool, :P, im not just talking about all the technical stuff, like you have to provide for your kids a home , a roof, food, money, life, security and all that but because you have to do the more complicated stuff, like , look after someone and be responsible for how they turn out later, teach them right from wrong, try to keep them safe and be aware of what they are doing and the sort of people they hang around with , without being annoying or excessive stalker parent-ish. making sure that they understand you are their Parent, and not a random friend and have to respect you, but you are cool enough so that they can tell you what they think or feel even if you dont agree with it. teach them about their faith and culture or background and teach them to be proud and confident but not like big headed, dedicate time and attention to them , worry about them put them before yourself always, etc.

its because i noticed a lot about your parents change as they become your parents, like i know a lot of stuff about my mum, her dreams or views on the world , her love life and all of that, and she didnt just dump everything or fail to reach her dreams because she had children, i think shes quiete proud of her achievements and academic success atleast and rightly so, if you came from a very privileged background in your home country, about as priviliged as it could get and suddenly your country was torn apart in war, your husband was killed, forget about money and you had to flee with your kids and start from scratch and end up, where my mum did , i think you deserve applause, but it seems that in all of that time you put your kids first and yourself last, you just become a parent, and whatever dont know how to put this in words , its like your character and dreams get pushed aside and you have one job, only, and they are different from how they used to be, when they were young like your age and maybe just wanted to have fun or something, hey priorities change.

also i think parents probably make a lot more of an effort to understand their kids, and their kids way of thinking and their kids enviroment more then kids try to understand where their parents are coming from, and the differences to how they grew up and what was expected of them (guilty as charged), i hear parents talking about how best to raise children in the west but i only hear kids talking about how backwards or weird parents are, atleast they are Trying,to understand a culture, that is different or alien to them. i went to an islamic lecture on parents last week and it was interesting and reminded me of the position of parents in Islam, i hope this reminds everyone to be more appreciative, more loving and compassionate and more understanding,to their parents, because i think thats what we are all missing, all of us especially from immigrant backgrounds know our parents did a lot for us simply from the fact that they uprooted themselves from their country their comfortable surroundings and homes for your sake, w inshalla we do enough for them too one day.

'Paradise lies at the feet of your mother'- Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

'life is what happens when your busy making other plans'-Someone very wise

Muchos Gracias
Naz xx <3

Beautiful Music

I just uploaded a video clip which I took during in the Penang Island trip with my friends and cousins. This is one of the performances which I love the most. It was played at Khoo Kongsi (if I am not mistaken). Beautiful music, talented people and wonderful atmosphere.




How I hope if I can be apart of this orchestra, maybe be a member of the woodwind? Or string instrument? Play the violin like Lee Hom! Lol..


Some pictures which I took while waiting for the team to play.




Isn’t this temple gorgeous? I love the lighting and the design. Why I had never realized this building before although I am a Penangite? Oh gosh…


Every camera was welcoming our Yang Amat Berhormat Lim Guan Eng (Chief Minister of the state of Penang).

DSC08998  Couldn’t even catch his shadow.. What a big crowd =(


I shall enjoy the remaining Chinese New Year, which only left 3 days before Chap Goh Mei. You should too by first clicking on the play of this video clip because you will hear Chinese Song! =D



See ya!

Whats in YOUR handbag?


i keep seeing these cute tags of whats in peoples hanbags , i wanna do one i tag myself :P

i never used to carry them because i didnt think they were special but now i love them because

i seem to carry loads of stuff with me lately

so what is in it?

1)Pink Phone

my mobile, even though i never call anyone to be honest, but my mum and family call me and friends, but its my music player

2) Perfume, spray, perfumed body lotion, normal body lotion

3) Latest book i bought -Love in A headscarf at the moment actually it was a gift , pearl necklace also a gift (i dont know why its in there) and latest copy of LOVE IT, magazine, cherry coke bottle and unwanted ASDA receipts :s

i just noticed most things are Pink , i love Pink

whats in yours?

i TAG- Modest justice Sukkar andd .. A muslim Wife and Queen AQILAH I TAG YOU TOO :)xx <3

Nazzz :) <3

You and Me are we meant to be?

What about You and what About Me
What about the fact that we was meant to be?
What about Me and what about You
what about our dreams of saying 'i do'

What about the fact that i loved you
and about the fact that i still might do
what about me and what about you
what about the fact that you didnt do
all the things that you promised to
what about me and what about you
what about the fact that you did do
all the things that you promised not to do
what about you and what about me
what about the fact that i didnt see
me and you arent 'meant to be'.

Even though they say all you need is love if its true
what i wrote above
then my darling its just not enough
what about me and what about you
what about all the things i told you
you see tomorrow ill say 'i do'
and im no longer sorry it wont be to you.

You are the number one Gift
if he broke your heart once
dont let him do it twice
Poem by Naz , not dedicated to anyone
hope you all like it
no plagiarism :)
salaamzThe prophet Muhammad's Birthday Tommorow Milad un nabi 26/2/2010 , Best of all birthday wishes to our beloved prophet Muhammad Peace and utmost blessings be upon him sali 3ala Muhammad everyone :)

Playing With The ‘Feeling’

I was actually blogging in another unpublished page of the blog post which is regarding to my last Saturday Chinese New Year celebration with a bunch of friends and also my dearest cousins in Penang Island. Like I have told you before in my previous post, it was a fascinating moment between me and the lovely people.


Tons of photos were taken (like usual) and now, I am in trouble of sorting pictures out. I need to spend a great amount of time, browsing, rotating, choose and edit some imperfect pictures (I dislike blurry image, dark and grainy/noise photos when the objects are perfect). Well, I believe this is normally what the todays bloggers will do – busy picking photos. Not to mention with the existent of Facebook in ours lives, everyone is busy uploading the whole album into their own FB account. Can connect with my statement? =)


Seriously, I do find editing pictures is a waste of time when I’m not a professional cum full time photographers, graphic designer nor blogger. There are so many things waiting to be done, especially our real job. Like mine, I am a student and I have uncountable homework, assignment and test which need to be finished. So, when I spend too much time sitting at a corner just to pick and edit photos, guilty feeling start to conquer my mind. If I am unlucky, I will receive warning from the parents.. especially mum… “Hey! Not going to study ar? Still play-play with computer. Later I cut streamyx!” [NO!!!]


Don’t get me wrong. I love editing picture especially when I can put interesting effect into the picture. It is like giving the photo a bigger voice to speak to the audience. I find photo like a piece of art. Thus, I enjoy editing almost every single photo I post here.


Again, time is my limit. So, I guess I will reduce my time in editing photos which means most of my future photos will be naked. No blog link, no brightness and contrast adjustment, no cropping. Well, unless if the photos are nice and worth to be edited! Like the following picture:



The rising sun
age old
yet new and inspiring
lighting up the world
with its soft pink rays;
just watching the familiar hues
dance on the still water
I return to emotions
that never truly left.
Just as the sun sets
it rises again
wide arms embracing a new day.
- Li Steins –



Mac, my cousin took this picture while we were walking around the area (not sure with the exact name of the event. Should find out). Kudos to his skill and my spontaneous act of course.. wte. Dunno how I did this and I am not sure how it looks to you but I really love this picture. THANK YOU MAC! =D



The cousins <3


In case if you are asking where is this place and how does this place look like since it look so much like a cage.. or a gate door or a filthy place to you. Here is the answer to feed all your curiosity.




I was actually interested in snapping this little boy picture. He seemed fearless climbing the gate in front of the crowds. So, I thought of give a few shoots for this particular moment as a memory. However, he noticed it and climbed down before my camera managed to make another shoot. Urghh…




And I am the one who get another shoot instead of this little boy. Lol..





Believe it or not, this is how the place look like from another perspective. Isn't it surprising? No one will realize this amazing background if you don’t discover yourself. Again, well done Mac.


I shall get a good sleep and continue my half-written post. Not going to promise anything but will see how it goes tomorrow morning. Wait! In fact, it is this morning! It is already 3.15am!!! Ah man….


P/s: Thus, start appreciating every picture I’ve posted and going to post here ok? Show your appreciation by visit my blog more! That will do. Thankzz =D

Can't I Be Happy Too?

The staff who served me was throwing me a surprising look.

My cousins were laughing at me when I reached the table.

Friends were showing me disbelief look.


Can’t I have a Happy Meal?

Is it wrong for a 23-year-old girl to purchase a chicken burger, a mini size French fried and a cup of cold Ribenna drink which were all placed in a colourful box?

And do I totally look like weirdo when I am playing with the batman?

I believe I am leaving in a democratic world and I am free do choose ‘MY WAY’.

Ok. Fine. Next mission: Chicky Meal.

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When The House Is Crowded

When  the house is crowded especially with relatives, what will you do?


Welcome them in?

Chase them away? (please, don’t do this k? This is rude)

Force them to give extra ang pau?

Give them food and drink?

Chit chatting with your relatives all day long?

Stop them from going back?



My answer is…. none of the above.


In fact, I choose to have a long hour of photography moment with my relatives. Surprise! Surprise! It is really surprising to tell you that this is my first time snapping pictures of my relatives during the 2nd day of Chinese New Year because I realized most of the time… I am too shy.. =P




Yes.. I can be a very lazy shy person, sometimes. Well, there is no reason or explanation for this. I am just… shy.. lol..



I believe it is the ‘TIGER’ which gives me the strength to turn laziness shyness into braveness as this time, I have snapped quite a good collection of photos and unconsciously, all these photos used much of my hardisk free spaces. Gosh! I desperately need a new hardisk for myself!




2nd Day of Chinese New Year is one of the most happening days in my family. This is the time where all the relatives from my mother’s family tree will come over and gather as a big family. Enough food, drink and entertainment are served each year. Trust me, none of the visitor will go back with empty stomach because grandma and aunt really prepare a lot of food ever since I remember.


It is like a culture in the family in which a big gathering will take place at my grandma’s house. So, this is a great time to update gossip, each others progress, bonding, collecting ang pau and gambling playing poker cards.

People whom are caught in action! =P



The Kai Mui with ‘pork ball’


The niece with orange plastic bowl


The daddy who is drooling for laksa


The cousin who didn’t make laksa for me.. =_=


The cousin with coins.. =P


As for me, I love this time so much, as much as my birthday because I can meet all my relatives, especially my dear cousins. For your information, we have quite a strong bonds just like siblings. This is the part I love most – siblings. I guess you know why I am bolding the word, yes?



#Leng lui 1 – Alicearycurry#Leng Lui 2 - Ary


Besides, this is also the time I can fill my stomach as full as I can. I am not a type of person who will tight up the stomach and leave good food aside. No no no.. That will be so not me. Each year, I will never miss steamboat, laksa, ‘tong sui’ and drinks – except, if I am sick (I have experienced this before and it was really suffering by looking at others enjoying the food while me sitting at a corner. That is when I swear, I will look after my health and try my best not to get sick during CNY).



The no-soup laksa noodle. Suitable for kids. Lol


Well, everything was great during the past few days (15th February 2010). However, like I have expected, there was still a tiny little incident which ruined 1 part of my happy moment. I thought of sharing the ‘incident’ here but I have guilt. I don’t think this is a good time to share something sensitive, something heart-broken for mine part as it is still Chinese New Year.


So, I will just postpone the post which I have written and publish it when the time is right… or maybe I will just delete the post. Well, I don’t know. We will see how.


My favarite home-made Ah Kim’s Laksa. No one will miss her laksa, not even me. I will not stop without having at least 3 bowls of these spicy noodles.. *Slurrrppp…*



tiger10  Half-eaten. You see, I couldn’t even manage to snap a proper bowl of laksa because the aroma and appearance is too tempting.. And now I can’t blog properly…



I guess I should stop here or I will suffer from recalling the taste of the laksa soup. Oh my.. Oh my… Think something else.. Oh ya. I will go to Penang Island tomorrow with my cousin. Hopefully I will come back with more interesting photos. I know you want to see them, right? hehe..


There are more Happy Posts coming to Curryegg. So stay tune! =D


Again, Gong Hei Gong Hei! May you have a blessing year.. Roarrrrrwwww!!!

RIP and Freedom for Filisteen

Somalia will always be with Palestine <3

Allah's peace and blessings and mercy be with the deceased Mahmoud al Mabhouh, who was assasinated in dubai by cowardly men and women in disguises, May Allah punish them for their evil actions and give Sabr to his family and friends and to the people of palestine, and may Allah allow justice for Palestinians to start soon,

ya habibi ya filisteen

Allah's peace and blessings be with you

"We Will Not,Go DOWN in the night without a fight,We will not go down IN GAZA tonight"

"Lan nakhdha' Lan narhal. Lan naskut"
We will never submitWe will never leaveWe will never be silenced

and that is the Truth