I Am Back! Miss Me?

Hello people!

I am back again after being away for one week holiday. Do you miss me? Ok Ok. I know you do. Ahhww... Don't be shy. Just admit it. Haha.. Come. Get a red packet (ang pao) from me.

*giving a red packet to you*


Wait a minute. I can feel that I am acting a little out of the ordinary. This isn't sound like me. I guess I am too tired for not having good sleep in these few nights. I had been playing a lot with my cousins and friends since the very first day I reached my hometown. My schedule was packed with party, house visiting and gatherings and they have made my Chinese New Year wonderful.

How I wish I can stay longer in Penang.

A few latest photos from Kek Lok Si, Penang. We had been there yesterday and it was the most amazing moment for me. Why? I am not telling you till the next post.. ;)

So, stay tune.

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!!

Unforgettable Journey

Unforgettable journey.


A real unforgettable journey which I'll never forget. Last night, my friends and I had been to Kek Lok Si, a famous tourist spot in Penang. The temple is beautiful with lights, latern, flowers and other decorations. Making plan spontaneously with the people who I love spending time with is so wonderful. Although the moment was short, my friends and I enjoyed every bits of the adventerous journey.

Photos of us will be available once I reach home. Surprise surprise! I'm now on my way back to my curry house. Wanting to visit Ipoh. Anyone is in Ipoh right now? Haha.. Hope that the traffic is clear.

A ruined History (salaamz)

heya guys its naz asalamu aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu
OMG i missed you guys
but im just a teeny bit upset today/tonight
i have just witnessed the worst elections in history
it was the somali presidential elections today in Djbouti and there were 2 main candidates
candidate 1)
Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed (self proclaimed sheikh might i add)
and candidate 2)
Nuur Hasan Hussein Nur Ade
the first was a member of the random militiant "islamic" group who took over somalia and introduced "sharia law" (nuthin against sharia bt it wasnt used properly) for like6 months in somalia before they were overthrown
and the second is the Prime minister (now former) who managed to kick out and unwanted president and unwanted Ethiopian forces out of Somalia
and the first guy won
and nw we will be celebratin a false inauguration of a random unwanted president
(only members of the parliment were alowed to vote)
*btw all this is nazs random opinion and no one has to agree with anything i just said*
but yeah im pretty sad i dont even mind whos president
i just want peace and prosperity for all the muslims wherever they are in the world
and inshallah itll come about
may allah help our muslim brothers and sisters in somalia and across the world
lots of luv
(btw nxt tym i cum bck ill be hapier nd hve good news inshallah) :D

Crowd In The Temple

I'm terribly hot right now. Feeling uncomfortable with my sweaty body. The crowd of people and thick smoke are making me dizzy.

Chinese new year is about family reunion, praying and food - I mean in my family. So, I'm now, doing my part, following my grandma and parents to the temple to pray.

I'm such a good girl. Manage to pray and at the same time blogging. Muahaha..

But still, I'm seriously feeling warm here. Get me a tin of cold coke please.



Update From Penang

Good morning everyone.
How are you? Curryegg is sending her regards to you. No. She mean you. You, the one behind you. No no.. the one at the right. Hey. Don't move away, I mean you. Yeah yeah. YOU!

OK. Stop all these non-senses and back to my update. I am right now, in my cousin's house, using his wireless connection to access into my blog. It is like years since I last updated my blog. Days without the internet is actually fun and I can grab this chance to rest myself. Besides, I can spend enough time with the people I care and love without being bugged by any digital devices. Wow. Impressive!

I am right now in Penang, organizing my days with exciting plans. I wanna use my remaining days in Penang as beneficial as possible before starting my busy schedule, again. Yeah!


Gosh. I've forgotten to take my breakfast. It is 9.40am. Will be back again with more stories and photos. At the same time, do wait for more changes in my blog. I just can't wait. Haha..

Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year again!
Get more ang paos and share them with me.. :D

A simple-cute-card for my readers.


naz is GONE?!

Omg Naz where the hell are you going?! I was gone for a few days and it's your turn noowwwwwwwwwwww omg :(
And you're not going to celebrate your birthday with me :(

Now what sisters am i to blog alone? or should I leave this blog stranded and you guys read my personal blog till nazzy wazzy gets back?
IDK! You peeps decide and tell me :)

NAZ COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A'qilah! ;)

Awayy!!! :'(

inshallah for so many reasons such as STUDYING and more studying
and things like that i dont think ill be here
until 16th febuary
when my holidays start and when the baby will be born lol
ohyeah and after my birthday
soo... although i wont be here
for a while (if ny1 will miss me) lol when i DO come back ill have LOADS to tell you
(all good news hopefully)
so i might not be here after 2moro
missin u all already
take care
have fun
naz :)
(hpefully sis A'qilah will keep u entertained)


Tagged Nazs favourite things

( i love Pepsi ohmygod and its blue lol ;p im high i need to sleep)

Favorite color:

i THINK BLUE haha its such a cuute colour and my mum is havin a baby boy and all his stuff is Blue lol

Favorite getaway place: My Room!! nt tht u can call it my room evry1 uses it
maybe the bathroom (i luv my baths)

Favorite perfume (guys): sumthin my bro wears i dnt knw wt its called smells gd lacoste pink :)

5.Favorite perfume (girls):OHMYGOD all perfumes ya ilah am perfume mad dnt even ask my whole dressin table is filled with every type of perfume

Favorite pj brand: I dont even wear Pjs

Favorite clothes brand in general: YA Allah all clothes man tht look hott.

Favorite person in the entire world: my baby brother who isnt even born yet luv ya darlin :) and the mother who will give birth to him

Favorite country (not including your own): Australia/UAE

Favorite car: am nt a car person

Favorite sport: Haha are you kidding me ??

Favorite sport player: NoN, not into sports!

Favorite spot in America: NYC HELL YEAH!!

.Favorite animal: eeew i hte animals all non-edible animals should be bannished
Favorite movie: NAZ loves movies (ohmygod i was in a random movie bt it wasnt tht good )Favorite singer: My taste in music is universal arabic,somali,R&B,nasheed,Pop or wteva sounds nice even some regae (sry i cnt spell)

.Favorite day in the week: mmmm.. Saturday i guess or friday ok WEEKEND

Favorite time of the day: MIDAY i swear if its sunny and its the middle of the day my face goes :D nd i can do anything (provided its fun)

Favorite holiday season: SUMMER (plz Allah let the winter go away)

.Favorite number: dnt hve one i gt fve letter fve mnth bt nt fve number :( i dnt like numbers man

.Favorite food: Somali food Pakistani food
welcome aboard wteva tastes nice

.Favorite chocolate: Chocolate hey hw can u ask a girl these things im in love with the word itself i used to hve a fve choc bt dnt even knw wt its called a lil expensive so ill say de normal ones Galaxy and kitty cat (KitKat)

Favorite cartoon: The Simpons (ill nvr grow old of them)

Favorite blogger: All bloggers who r awesome especially my muslima sisters yeey

.Favorite Flavour Ice Cream: nt icecream person hw bout Magnum owyh nd dis other one duno wt its called its delicious (didnt i js say im nt an icecream person nd nw am gng YUMMY)

.Favorite Mobile Brand: Sony Erricson and Samsung

Fve name:Wteva naz is short for (this isnt even in de list)

I TAG ms MODEST JUSTICE, ZARA (think ur already tagged tho), sis AMUSLIMAWIFE,AND *QUEEN* :D

Silence Is A Virtue.

I've come to realise that the only time I get to sit in utter silence, close my eyes and detach myself from the surroundings to only think of my creator and all that He's blessed me with is when I'm in His House; The Masjid.

I've had a whole load of time to spare as I said;I'm on a 3 month break.
Things have been happening a lil too fast
while some seems to not be happening at all.
There has been clear ups and downs.
There's been the utmost disappointing of moments and the utmost happiest of times.

I sat in silence after my zuhr prayer at the Sultan Mosque today.-------->
So much has been happening; problems seem to tumble down one after another. It's been sometime since I sat down NOT to ask for something from Allah swt rather to Thank Him for all that He's been giving.

I'm in serious need of strength right now. I need Allah swt to guide me.
I need guidance and light.
And I need faith and patience.

Life's not been utterly miserable but sometimes when you see obstacles coming down one after another it's heart-wrenching and it makes you want to give up.
I'm not the sort of person who'd give up that easily.
I don't believe in admitting defeat til I finally attain an achievement and even if I lose in a battle; I wouldn't lose as a sore loser.

I always tell myself "I'm here because of my creator and it shall be FOR Him"
Because I get too busy these days I found myself moving away from the effort of getting close to Him. That was the reason why I decided to sit in the masjid with my "best friend" aka special sister to just reflect on all that's been happening ever since. To stop and think of how we always end up being too busy ASKING from Allah swt rather than giving (through prayers) and thanking Him for all that He's given.

I remember a story about a man who dreamt he visited the angels of Allah swt.
All the angels were tasked except one.
The man approached the angel in utter curiousity and asked;
"Oh Angel Of Allah swt; Why aren't you as busy as your fellow angels are?"

the Angel answered;
"Oh child of Adam, I've been tasked to take into account of those who thank Our Lord after asking for what they've asked for. The reason why my fellow angels are busy is because they tale charge of the servants who ASK from Allah while I take charge of those who THANK Allah.
Today itself, only a handful has said "Alhamdulillah" but look of Child Of Adam all are asking for so many favours from their Lord."

Doesn't the story tell us how much we tend to forget that we're blessed in at least one way or another and it seems that we never seem to notice the blessings and rather keep on ranting and asking.
Take a time off sisters and THANK Allah for all that He's given :)

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ ﴿١٣﴾
(13) Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?
(Surah Ar-Rahman (Surah No. 55))

-A'qilah Saiere-

Greeting From Lim Anuar

In another 24 hours, we will be in the year of Ox. I just can't wait as I heard some of the 'feng shui' tips from the TV and radio, stating that this coming year will be a great year for a few Chinese zodiac and rabbit is included!!!


Wealth, love, studies, health and luck are all go to rabbits! Isn't this a great news? Well, I have no idea on how accurate it might be as there are no theories nor fact to support the Chinese reading. Like what Dr. A had told us in class, we must have enough reliability and validity to prove a statement or theory correct.

Right, my dear coursemates?
I know some of you are reading this and don't tell Dr. A ya.. hahahaha....

Anyway, good news are always welcome no matter how unreliable it might be - of course, not if it is something illogical. My rational mind work well in this case. Thus, no matter how, I will treat my Ox year and 2009 as a good starting for my extra-ordinary journey. Yes. I believe in myself.

At the same time, I do hope it will bring you good luck and beautiful year as well. No matter what, we are still the one who choose our own destiny. Don't just rely on Feng Shui or fate. Without hard work, there is no result.

Let us focus on Lim Anuar now, as what I had written on my blog post title. I wonder how I manage to maneuver that far from my main topic. Lol.. Sorry.

This morning, I have received a beautiful e-card from Lim Anuar, one of my friend who I knew from RC Deaf Mission. He is a deaf artist who work in Lim Kok Wing (my dream university years ago) and I really admire his work a lot. Besides, he has showed me the courage to pursue his dream despite his disadvantage. After years of hardwork, he is now a well-known local deaf artist who shares his talent with the world. That's one of the aspect which I adore him a lot.

Can you be my 'si fu'??

I love his Chinese New Year greeting card so much.
Thank you Lim Anuar. Hope that you wouldn't mind as I am sharing your lovely card here... The cows are so cute. Did you really snap them?

Right now, I am missing my other RC Deaf Mission friends - both deaf and hearing friends. We make good companions and I will never forget my experience when I was with them. They have taught me to be stronger and braver each day although, communication might be a problem for us to get closer.

No matter how, I am trying not to forget my sign language (sigh.. I am slowly forgetting them. Knock my head twice. Ouch!).

Some posts which you might not want to miss about RC Deaf Mission:
  1. My Very First Public Speaking
  2. Deaf Art Expose 2008
  3. Fashion Show By The Deaf

Thank you my friends and I am looking forward to meet you guys in the next gathering.
Happy Chinese New Year and God bless.

Again, Happy Ox Year to my lovely readers who always eager to find out more about this extra-ordinary egg - ME of course! Haha.. You are the main reason why I am still keeping this blog for 2 years.
2 YEARS!!!!!

Wow... I really can't believe it.
Thank you for loving this Curryegg. She loves you too!
Happy holiday!

I think I should claim a date for my blog. She needs a date to celebrate her birthday. Emmm.. when did I start blogging here. Feb or June?

The fonts and the size of this post are so weird. That happen when I am using other computer. I am using my uncle's computer. Holidaying in my hometown now. Perak! A little messy. Sorry~

A Story of a Nikah :)

Story of a Nikah

I was living with my mother and step father and siblings and attending university and led quiet a good life I was good with my studies and did well as well as making many friends at university when my best friend went on holiday to her home country and was in a car accident which was not her fault and my whole life seemed to become bleak and miserable after losing a trusted and good friend almost one of the family since a lot of my time was spent with her after the initial shock and sadness it seemed I had much more time to fill without my Best friend and I seemed to miss odd things about her. My Iman was not that high and I was not really a practicing Muslimah and with my mother being a Doctor and my stepfather an Engineer as well as owning different properties in our home country I led quiet a privileged life (we even had maids) and I was definitely not used to trials all this made losing my best friend THAT much harder I decided the best thing to do was to pretend nothing had happened which is obviously not easy and at university its not that hard to get in with the wrong crowd and end up doing all the wrong things shortly after I had made my what seemed at the time good decision to forget my worries and have some “fun” the student union organised some sort of party ( they always have a reason for one) I ended up trying cigarettes and smoking and although I didn’t like it , and knew all the health problems it could create (that’s what happens when your mums a doc) I wasn’t the least bit fazed and seemed intent on hurting my self though I am so glad I drew the line at alchohol as I believed it could lead to funny business with males (I was doing the whole feminist thing and believed I hated all men) during my weird phase I started lying to my sisters about why I smelled of cigarettes all the time (it only led them to spy on me) and the closest person to me at that time was my brother ,I love my brother and he seems to understand everyone (he is not perfect but he is definitely not a hypocrite or a judgemental guy) and he was the only person I told my problems to at the time I also seemed to have many disagreements with my mother though if there is one boundary no one in our family would ever cross it is with parents and therefore it was never really an issue
Meanwhile things at university had changed Due to my best friend’s absence from the Dunya there was room for one more student in one of my classes and I hated him first because it seemed to me he had gained something from my loss and second because I was sure I detested all Males especially those who “advised” me.
Thing kept happening and it seemed I couldn’t avoid this guy (due to being in my classes) and the fact that HE didn’t seem to want to avoid me.
MashAllah he was good looking to me and he had nice manners he also prayed and fasted and it didn’t seem to bother him when people were doing “fun” things and he was no where to be seen afterwards we started speaking more and I finally gave in and gave him my msn we kept talking and got to know each other and I actually began to trust him and confide in him (to an extent) like I said he seemed like a good guy and I found out my little sister (well not so little really) was friends with his little sister (background check all finished) and I knew my family would approve but of course I was sure I had my entire life planned out and there was no time to get married in the middle of university and with so many other “inconveniences” that I went really strange and completely horrible to everyone I saw (the guy included) afterwards I decided I would let Allah tell me what to do and I would stop planning my whole life out because I cant control destiny and finally after much thinking and talking we decided we would get engaged have a wedding (the party) finish university due to the “dating whilst married thing” and move in after uni seemed like a plan and his parents met my parents and the fact that they already knew eachother ( we didn’t know that) made everything THAT much easier the only slight negative is because my family is really big and well known etc they insisted on a really huge wedding and no money was spared and it wasn’t very Islamic either but I had a great time and we went on a month long honeymoon cruise (you would never believe what strange things occurred on that cruise with other couples ) and got back to our lives
And now alhamdulilah so far so good
Im sorry its so long and I wouldn’t really like to share my pictures I hope you don’t mind
But theres my story
Your sister in islam
Salaam J


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Lion Dance by Martial Arts Groups.

Dragon Dance

Exchange of oranges are one of the few traditions that they practice till today.
Red Packets are called "Hongbao"; Just like our green packets for eid! :)
(The kiddies get cash eh)

Chinatown Light up.

Singapore's a tiny island with over 4 million people residing in it; it's become a lil TOO suffocating these days. So, majority of the residents here in Singapore are CHINESE.
I'm a Malay remember? lols. Erm, but I speak Chinese and I have a handful of Chinese Friends :)

ANYWAY, being a Chinese populated country or whatever you call it; When the time comes for Chinese New Year the whole country gets just oh-so-busy.
The streets are lighted up; Retail outlets get crazy with sales and because it's Chinese New Year and the Chinese believe that red is the colour of prosperity the country's RED. Lol.
Nothing wrong with that though; it's not always that Singapore's this BRIGHT. (Once A Year eh.)

The good thing for us Non-Chinese is that we gain from the crazy sales toooo Lols.
My mum bought a dozen of bed sheets out of which the original prices were $40-$50 and they were selling at $10-$20 LOL!
And hey women being women we shopped like crayzayyyyyy.
Everything's like selling at half price mann lols.
So yeah, good time to shop ;)
And guess what everyone gets 2 days off! Chinese or not ;)

Anyway to all Chinese Happy New Year; Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D

-A'qilah Saiere.-

A'qilah's going BONKERS!

SORRRYYY I HAVENT BLOG! Lols... I've been toooo busy Subhan'Allah.
On Monday I went to the doc's with my cousin because she needed to collect her medicine that ran out; tuesday I spent 6 hours at the subordinate court waiting to hear my non-yet-prosecuted-drug-addict cousin; wednesday I spent the whole day in town and caught up with a sister I've not met for sometime, ate, shop and ate lol; thursday I spent the whole day at the Ministry Of Manpower-work permit outlet to collect my maid's work permit only to know there're errors and I have to come down in 4 working days and TODAY! I went for Juma'ah caught a movie at my crib with a sister i'm truly close to and finally headed off to tajweed class together after Maghrib!
Mash'Allah my schedule is not over! I'm going for a lecture tomorrow at Sultan Mosque at 2.15 so I'll be meeting the same sister at 11 am to have brunch and have our own quiet little time at the mosque till zuhr and finally the lecture; i don't know what's in store for tomorrow night though! YIKES! :S
To end my week I'll be attending Sunday School (LOL, i make it sound like church); a madrasah class I attend weekly from 8-10.30 at Masjid Abdul Aleem Siddique. Subhan'Allah it's for my own good though!
AND MONDAY! Tawheed class after Asr till After Isyk :)

I'll be having no school till April so I think this is the best period of time to instill Islamic Knowledge in myself.
I don't want my three months to be like my usual June/December Hols where I'll sleep at 4 am; Miss Fajr and Wake up for Zuhr. astgahfirullah! I'm trying my best to repent ;)

It's tiring but Alhamdulillah because it's for a good cause I get an inner feeling of self-satisfaction.
I'm either busy running from place to place to feed my hungry mind with knowledge OR I'm running errands.

So Heh Insy'Allah I will update more often ya?

Well you guys have nazzy wazzy!! :D

iight saaalams ;)

-A'qilah Saiere!- <3

Lessons To Be Learnt In Zhu Hai, China

P/S: Missing out this post is like missing the Curry world. So, don't take the risk and start reading this!

I miss the days when I was having my holiday in Zhu Hai (Zhūhǎi, 珠海 or "Pearl Sea") and Macau with my family. It was an adventurous trip which I will never forget. Never ever, ever, ever! The memory is still fresh in my mind, as if it was just happened a month ago - although it was already 8 months ago.

It was a shame that I had missed out sharing my Zhu Hai trip with you. Sorry my dear readers. Please allow me to share them here though I know I am late. Rather be late than never, right. Haha.. Trust me, it is something worth to be shared.

If you are planning for a week holiday to China, do consider Zhu Hai+Macau package. Nothing is more worthy than save time, save cost and save energy. Yes. It sounds like SUPER SAVER package! Haha...

But it is true!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zhu Hai

1) Zhu Hai is located just beside Macau. Near!
It takes about 15-20 minutes from Macau Airport to Zhu Hai Customs. All you need is your passport to allow you to step into Zhu Hai within hour (The procedure in Zhu Hai Customs can be really irritating during peak hour. Long queue, crowded and strict).

2) Cheaper trip!
The cost of living in Zhu Hai is cheaper compare to Macau and Hong Kong. Thus, you can save up some pocket money for more trips! For example, it costs RMB120++ in Zhu Hai while RMB400++ in Macau. Gosh! See the difference?

3) The view in Zhu Hai is wonderful.
Learn to love the another side of the Earth.

4) Education - Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Marketing skills, whatelse?
You can expose yourself to different cultures and people in Zhu Hai. You get to learn more about them.

5) Paradise for shopaholic!
Darn cheap and up-to-date items especially clothes and accessories! Ladies, do take note of this! Apply our 'Buy till you broke' slogan. Lol..


So, let me start with something interesting. I pick the 4th point for this post. Let me attach with some 'proves' based on my observation. May I? :)

A Lesson To Be Learnt - Seriously!

I remembered the very first time when my family and I reached Zhu Hai. We had been to several places, guided by a tourist guide. He seemed to be friendly and I used to like him. 'Used'. And the word 'like' doesn't mean I had a crush on him. Don't get me wrong! I hated him after that. Why? Continue your reading and discover the answer.

He guided us to several places including this X tourist spot - a village with X cultures. Sorry for using 'X' because I had forgotten the name of the area and the name of the minority group. Anyway, you can recognize them base on their costume and language.

We were being welcomed with plastic flower. However, we were asked to place them back on a man-made wall in order to gain good fortune. What a good idea. Ceh~

This girl (a representative of the village) used to be very nice, friendly and funny with all her jokes and sweet smile. Again, 'used to'. She explained clearly about their cultures, people and language and I used to love her company. I likes their cultures and hand-made craft. Beautiful aren't they?

I bought this bag. Love it.

Soon, we followed the girl in a big group, to a wooden room. In the room, we were asked to sit in a big circle and being served with their tea. Wasn't that sound so nice, as if we were the VIP?

You are a VIP when you have the $$$$.

That's why, tourists are always being served as the VIP.

Things seemed to be wonderful at first and no one realized that there was a hidden trap behind the scene. (Ada egg behind mee curry). Yeah. No one.
The so-called family gathering have turned into a sale and marketing session

Once she ended her song (she sang two songs for us), all of the sudden, a group of people (6-8 of the other staff) filled the room with more 'joy-and-fun-event' - selling Chinese Teh, herbs, dried food and asking for donation. There was no room we can escape as they keep on pulling us with persuasion.

Well, they are really well-trained and managed to convince my parents to spend about RMB200 for their products. Not just my parents were the victim. In fact, almost all of the visitors in the room bought at least a bag of their products- accept me and an old lady because we have no money. Lol..

Wasn't that impressive?

It is a good marketing and psychology class and I shall keep this lesson properly.

At the end of the day, the girl didn't even let us go without doing another promotion when all of us were ready to flee. You will get the advantage to understand the situation by watching this video if you know Cantonese. Sorry for those who can't understand a single conversation in this video.

Again, Zhu Hai is a good place for real education
In fact, most of the tourist spots practice the same strategy especially China. So, beware or you will ended up being terribly broke for the very first day of the trip. Worse is when they don't accept any credit card service.


Advantages: Learn to be wiser in future.