In another 2 hours, I will go to the dentist and do my dental check up.
Yes.. Dental check up...

*trying to suppress all those unpleasant moments*

Seriously, I hate dentist and I HATE ALL THOSE DENTAL INSTRUMENTS including laryngeal mirror, dental scaler, forcep collins and I-don't-know.

Besides the instruments, I hate the smell of the dental room. It smells like latex or rubber or.... well, I seriously don't know. What I know is, the smell really lurch my stomach whenever I step in the room.

Seriously, they should consider using Ambi pur to replace all those scary smell.

Besides, they should really consider using aroma theraphy in the room in order to reduce the stress and scary feeling in the patient. I believe using the right essential oil will really help. Hey, doctors, do consider these idea will you?

Mac and Kelvin, I know you guys are reading this. Jot this down! By the way, I don't hate you..... yet. Lol..


Well, I admit that I am nervous right now. There will be another 2 hours before the freky appointment. I know I shouldn't skip it as I can't bear any further attack and damage on my pearly white teeth by those mean bacteria and viruses. I don't own a set of good teeth but I am determined to take good care of them as I am having this eater archetype. I can't imagine my late adulthood period without any teeth.

Ehhwwww.... That will be a disaster!


then. I shall prepare myself and I know I can do this. Let me just do a few positive self-talk practices before the last two hours (positive self-talk will turn your fear into energy):


"It won't hurt"
"It is fun"

"The room smell good"

"And the dentist is cute"

Sadly, he is an old man. Sigh.....

Photo resources from: photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4 and photo 5.

College,funfairs and fashion :)

(picture not related to anything but i like the pic)
Salaamz everybody

how are you all? inshallah good as usual :)

i am going back to college tomorrow after not being there for 3 weeks (2 weeks work placement) and 1 week holiday/half term
anyways it has been fun but i kinda reali missed seeing my friends and all that, and it will probably be fun anyways now its nearly the end of term so it should be fun after we are doing with our exams inshallah itll just be a chill zone for us and we will be visiting some graduate fashion week thing which some people will be taking part in
so that should be fun.
im kinda over the cancellation of my longer holiday now and im just trying to think of all the things ill be doing in france for only 2 WEEKS ive never been on holiday for only 2 weeks not sufficient for "shop till you drop" (for me) :(
lol anyways being the last day of our half term and that its summer in england and the sun is shining we are going to the funfair (im so childish) but its fun until tonight i actually red a book about weird things happening in a fun fair (no i dnt knw why tht is relevant either)
anyways have fun you guys


LOOL! SALAAAAAAAAAMS! Seems like it's been ages since i last blogged here! :/ Lol. Afwan Afwan Afwan! Sorryyyyyyyyyy hehe. Been soo busy that each time i think of things to blog about, I blog on here for the hereafter. heh.

The week started horribly. I was drained in almost everyway; Emotionally, Physically, Psychologically you name it!
College is still as awesomeeee despite the workloaddddd; and that's prolly because of my company. Alhamdulillah am I grateful my friends are but a bunch of the most fun and exciting Muslimahs to be around with.

Honestly, I never expected college life to be like this. After my Induction Day, I vowed to lead an anti-social life there for 3 years but Allah knows better, and He wanted something better for me.

Am I thankful.

Anywhooosssss, Insya'Allah Insya'Allah Insya'Allah I'll try to blog more often here. :)
ModestJusticeeeeeeeeee, Lisaaaa and ohhh all of you.

I gtg for now! will be back soon! hehe. :)

W'salam :)

A'qilah Saiere

Helloo Summer ?

salaamz everybody!!
so its nearly summer,summer break schools clleges jobs everythings out everyone will get a break and we are all excited right? WRONG!!
naz wont :(
ok lemme start from the begining i wanted to do my english exam early for some reason in a private school now the head lady thought i was smart enough to do it so she gave me loooads of work things that people have been learning all year for me to learn in 4 weeks THEN she made me take an exam people have been preparing for 2 years for me 2 take despite being there only 2 months which means 8 days coz its only on in de weekends and then i actually somehow wonderfuly miraculously passed which means i can tke de exam i wanted to take in november anyways the woman said because i was so good she will pay for my examz in some scholarship thing and then when im done she wants me to work for her as a teacher
which is good i think but then she says because of that she wants me to stay and study in the summer for free to make sure i get the best possible grades so i had to cancel a precious already booked holiday and just go 2 france for 2 weeks in the summer instead
i know that its probably good and worth it etc in the long run but i was really angry at the time like come on i thought people got rewarded for working hard not made to spend their entire summer married 2 the books minus for 2 weeks which i had to like beg for aaagh
i am so not even looking forward to summer
lol i hope you all have great summers and just as f it couldnt get any worse the weather here is inisiting on being perfect and summery
so tempting to tell the books to go 2 hell :P
wish you all the best

What Do You Think On My New Layout?

Recently, I have been wanting something new so much. Such much that I can't even believe myself. A new hairstyle, a new wardrobe, a new collection of book, a new keyboard, a new room and a new blog skin. This sudden drive makes me feel like Chinese New Year in which everything must be NEW!


I really don't know why. It is like a drive which I can't resist.
I have pondered whether to change or not to change my blog skin for weeks because I love the banner so, so much. Well, it is obvious that my drive won over my rationality as you can see, new skin has been putting up. No more striking Curryegg's banner with three column layout. Instead, a simple purple blog banner with two column layout (with footer!) is used. I like this layout is mainly because of its simplicity, wider width for blog post content, widgets column at the footer (at the bottom of the blog) and open comment box.

I know that a blog can only be heard if only if the content is worth reading, and not the sidebars. I want to focus on my writing and photos. Thus, this time I turned my blog into a two column blog - just like before. Besides, I feel more organized by this way.

About the banner, I guess I will try to design one or use back the old one which is designed by Lun, a friend of mine. I really appreciate his work and I seriously like the banner so much. Just, this layout doesn't fit and suit the big size banner.

I shall work on the html code again once I have recovered from the html sickness.. You can't imagine how hard I have been working on the code in these few weeks. I have tried to re-edit those code and adding some stuff into this layout before it is being uploaded into this blog. Since I am not an IT, Graphic Designing or Computer Science student, it takes me a longer time to learn everything. Thanks to my 7 weeks holiday. I can spend more time in front of my computer. Lol..

Anyway, I am not sure will I change this layout again. It might depends on my so-called 'drive' again. Before that, I would like to hear your opinion about this layout and comment system. I have decided to use Intense Debate in managing my comment system finally. I remembered I have registered myself with Intense Debate for nearly a year after seeing it in Aronil's blog. However, I didn't use till now.

So my dear readers, do let me know your opinion by completing the poll at my sidebar (on your left) or leave your comment in this comment box. Your comment is most valuable to me because you are my readers.. You mean a lot to me..


Latest Modern Unique Hairstyle Trends

Modern Hairstyle Trends presents Latest Modern Unique Hairstyle Trends

Hairstyles keep changing quickly these days. The trendy and chic hairstyles are the latest ones which everyone wants to adopt. The latest trends in hairstyle are the side sweeps, bangs, blunt edging, bob and layers.

Latest Modern Unique Hairstyle Trends

The celebrity’s hairstyles are the trendiest ones to follow. The latest in fashion like straight long hair looks cool but they are tough to manage. The Hollywood celebrity Aaliyah has got thick dry hair. She uses wax and hair sprays to manage her long straight hair.

The wavy medium hairstyle is in fashion too. Alex Breckenridge, the popular Hollywood actress maintains her wavy hairstyle by applying mousse and gels over them. The wavy hairstyle suits on oval, round and heart shaped faces.

These days, Jordan’s sliced layers are also famous in the industry. Her layers create bouncy movement which adds latest trendy and chic style to them. The layers suit upon the oval, heart and diamond shaped faces.

Latest Modern Unique Hairstyle Trends

The bob cut are strangely in fashion again. The Hollywood actress Salon adapted it nicely. She has got her classy bob style in the front. At the back, there is a line of layers meeting at the neckline for achieving height; however the side cuts are till the ear levels. The oval, long and diamond faces are suitable for such type of hairstyles.

Modern Exotic Hairstyles for Summer 2009

Modern Hairstyle Trends presents Modern Exotic Hairstyles for Summer 2009

The hairstyles are changing pretty fast and if you want to look very trendy then you should fallow the hair fashion trends. The celebrities are most famous for setting the trend about the hairstyle. Abbey Braverman has kept her long straight hairstyle which suits her most.

This bob is also in fashion as she wears bob hairstyle.

Straight long hair suits the oval, round and heart shaped faces. High maintenance required and is set with gel and mousse. Hot rollers are required for setting such hairstyle.The straight long hairstyle is so much in, but straight medium hairstyles are also in fashion. Addison Timlin wears medium length straight hair with side and top hair pinned, which are attractive and glossy. But high maintenance is required in it too.

The Hollywood’s most famous actress also wears wavy medium hair. Her wavy hairstyle gives her more young and trendy look. The wavy hairstyle compliments the oval, round and diamond shaped faces.

The bangs are also in fashion these days. The side bangs look so trendy, elegant and sexy. They can be curled or kept straight depending upon the occasion and mood. Katie Holmes kept straight as well as wavy hairstyles with side bangs which looks cool upon her.

Modern Exotic Hairstyles for Summer 2009

Firefly Watching And Octopus Adventuring In Nibong Tebal

I have blogged quite a number of travel posts in these 2 years especially about Malaysia. However, the idea of writing for my hometown, Nibong Tebal (Penang, Malaysia) has never come across my mind. Not till recently, when my wish to walk around the firefly watching area finally be granted by Sze Ling, an old friend of mine drove me there after a short meet up in a laksa stall.

It too me 3 years to reach this place! What a shame I must say because you can't imagine how near my house actually is. Well, I can probably cycle there if I want to because the distance from my house isn't that far. Just... I am too pampered ever since I have stepped into my 20's.

Emm... not old OK. I am just, lazy... What a good excuse.

Anyway, I was there finally and of course, I had equipped myself with my Pinkeggie (my camera). A number of photos were taken besides this river, called Sungai Kerian. Surprisingly, Nibong Tebal looks beautiful at this particular hour and spot. Unlike on the other side of this small, Chinese town which is crowded with shops, houses and factories.

So yes. It is true that Nibong Tebal firefly watching activity has become one of the tourist spot in Penang and it attracts a good number of tourists ever since it was being promoted by YB Tan Cheng Liang on 22nd March 2006. There will be firefly watching and octopus adventuring at this area.


Location: Jetty Pasar Lama, Nibong Tebal.

Boat service: 7pm - 11pm

Rate for Firefly Watching (Up Stream)
Adult: RM12/pax Child: RM8/pax
Charter Boat: RM100/boat (Max. 15 persons/boat)

Rate for Firefly Watching (Down Stream)
Adult: RM15/pax Child: RM9/pax
Charter Boat: RM120/boat (Max. 15 persons per boat)

Important Contacts:

Majis Pembangunan Eco-Pelancongan,
3711 (Tingkat 1), Jln Ooi Kar Seng, Taman Sri Maju,
14300 Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai Selatan,
Pulau Pinang.
H/P: 012-4742749, 012-5554873, 012-4515062, 012-4753320

Mesra Adventure,
Jetty Pasar Lama,
Nibong Tebal,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-5554873 (Tan Chin Hock), 019-4780382, 012-4515062

Pejabat Perhutanan Negeri Pulau Pinang
Tingkat 20, Menara KOMTAR
10300 Pulau Pinang.
Tel :04-6505250, 04-262 5272
Fax: 04-2636335
Email :

Pejabat Renjer Hutan Lipur Nibong Tebal,
Seberang Perai Selatan
14300 Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang
Tel: 604-5932877
(UP Ranger Azman 013-4213559)

View Larger Map

I will probably make a plan in the morning for octopus adventuring while another plan in the evening for firefly watching. These two activities are carried out in different time, that's what I heard.

The symbol of Nibong Tebal.

So far, I had been to Kuala Selangor for firefly watching. Believe me, it was intriguing. The twinkle twikle lights from the fireflies were beautiful especially during mating season. They occupied almost every tree at the riverbank. As a result, the trees along Kuala Selangor River (Sungai Kuala Selangor) look like Christmas trees!

As for firefly watching in Sungai Kerian, well I am not sure. I should really check it out.

Now, I am wondering how will an octopus adventuring look like? Will I have to dive into the water to meet the octopus? Or, will I have to walk on the mud? I am curious.

I wonder how will the octopus look like?
Will they be gigantic octopus like in the movie?

Or will it be the baby octopus like in the Sushi King?
Chuka Lidako?

If it is the baby octopus, I shall bring fire and pan along and make my own picnic. Wait, maybe I cooking pot is better. Make it steamboat style!

Yum yum~


Photo courtesy:

Be Creative With Your Sanitary Pad!

What will you do with your own sanitary pad?

Will you wrap it with colourful papers?
Will you put in a nice, sweet bag?
Will you decorate it?
Or just do nothing with it?

These questions have never come across my mind. Never.

Seriously, I have never thought of being creative with my own sanitary pads. Not even the idea of decorating them until I saw one. I was in my friend's sister's room couple of days ago and my eyes immediately spotted this thin object, lying matter-of-factly on the floor. Like it should be there.

No one ever thought that it is a woman sanitary towel till you are close enough to examine it. Well, I was being fooled at first sight. I thought it was a notepad. Lol..

I believe my friend's sister is a creative person, don't you think so? Maybe she should start putting beads or coloring the pad in her next project. Lol.

"Expend your creativity
" and I guess this is what it means.

The Lovely Dovey Secondary Artworks

It is good to be in touch with Art again after that long long break from Dr.D's class. Well, it has only be 3 weeks and I felt like 3 months. How I hope I can be in her class again in next semester or next next semester, or next next next semester. As long as I will have the chance to be with her again, I am happy. (Hmmm... Why do I feel so wrong with this sentence?)

But, sigh. I guess the possibility is low as she already told us that she can't be with us, again. Of course, if only if her application is accepted by the department. So, why not just pray hard and wish for something positive?

Talking about Art, it has reminded me about my secondary artwork. I used to have art classes back in my secondary school when it is a compulsory subject for every lower secondary students in Malaysia (even till now). Knowing that I loved Art so much, my parents allowed me to enroll in extra art classes, out from the school.

Because of their support, I managed to get a good art teacher who encouraged me to emphasize on watercolour work. He knows I love watercolour so much - which is true.

My best artwork. I love this kingfisher so so much.

I love drawing scenery, like this:

Other than watercolour artwork, I like sketching using only pencils and eraser. Emm.... something like this? Haha...

I love this a lot. How cute and lovely.

However, I hate the idea of an artwork being rated with marks or even grade as I believe that artwork shouldn't be rated based on the viewer's perspective but be understood and respected. In this case, the meaning of the art and the creator's hardwork should be taken account. No matter how good or bad a work might be, it shouldn't be graded as every art shows its own meaning and uniqueness.

It is good to look on those drawings again after being kept in the cupboard for years. Sweet memory was dancing around my mind while I examined every piece of my work. I am glad they still look good. Now I feel like producing more.


P/s: There should be more drawings in my collection if only if my school art teacher returns them to me after the scanning for school magazine. Urrggg...

Ian Somerhalder Modern Hairstyles

Modern Hairstyle Trends presents Ian Somerhalder Modern Hairstyles

Born on December 8, 1978, in a small southern town of Covington, LA, Ian Somerhalder is the son of a massage therapist and a building contractor. Since his childhood, he has enjoyed adventurous activities be it fishing, swimming, boating or horse training. Ian Somerhalder often kil
ls the girls with his sheer good looks and long locks in dark brown shades. Ian Somerhalder, the thirty year old American is not just an actor but also a fashion model and producer. Whether it is a simple clean face or a mere casual appearance, Ian Somerhalder always makes it incredible with his innovative touch of hairstyle.

Ian Somerhalder Modern Hairstyles

However, it was his participation in the school drama club that perhaps had motivated him to become an actor. Ian Somerhalder began his modeling career at the age of 10 but soon gave it up to pursue his acting career. His long twelve year career in the acting profession as an actor has earned him both success and fame. Every time Ian Somerhalder appears in a new avatar he sets the silver screen ablaze.